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Studio X

Solenergy HQ

A focus on modern elements which compliment the company's values.

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Studio X
Studio X

Slow and Steady

Design patterns that give a sense of individuality that is unique to the site.

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Studio X
Studio X

SEJA Memorial

An inspiration from the journey of life; of moments of hardship, reflection, and peace.

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Studio X
our goal

Design sustainable developments that revolve around nature

We believe designing developments with a conscious focus on integrating nature to the entirety of the built environment. When nature is used as a focal point, all we need to do is not get in the way of what's really beautiful.

We want to design your development to maximize the impact it will make to the community, nature and the environment, and to your business and the economy.

Design Impact
  • Environment - We focus on design that will help fight the negative impacts of a development to nature. Through efficient planning, we can reduce water and energy consumption, reduce our carbon footprint, and contribute to a healthier world.
  • Community -  By designing developments centered around nature, we provide the community cleaner air, better temperature levels, and an improved ecosystem.
  • Business / Economics - On an economic standpoint, a development with a focus on nature and green spaces both reduce financial overhead costs and attract a higher-end clientele.

Plontur believes in creating a better environment, a stronger community, and a good business. We want your development to have the same thing.

our design approach

Multidisciplinary and eco-conscious planning.

Our approach to designing sustainable developments is multidisciplinary, eco-conscious, and collaborative. Considering the viewpoint of people from different backgrounds, specialties, and expertise ensure that the design created will be the best there can be.

Design Considerations
  • Macro: We design with the bigger picture always in mind. We ensure that all the elements of the development work together in a seamless, effortless way.
  • Site Specific: We design to work with the given site, and to use it to its maximum potential.
  • Micro: We are detail-oriented and we give the same focus on the small things as we do for the big things.
  • Business Goals: We design the development with not only nature in mind, but also using that design to benefit the business and maximize profitability.

Developments can be vehicles of positive change that help nature, people, and businesses.

this is studio x

We help our clients build more through user centric design.


ommercial and large scale development has big impact in everyone's lives. We want to help you bring about that positive change through our expertise. We want to partner up with you and address your pain points. We're not limited by this list. We can do more. Tell us what you need. We've got you.

Place Visioning & Design Strategy

No idea where to start? We'll help conceptualize with you. We can align the concept with what you want for your space and your business and leverage the power of design to differentiate you from others.


You have the numbers that you want to hit and you know what you want to do. Its a big project and it needs proper area allocation, project phasing , strategy and a concept to unify it all. We can help you plan and allocate areas to hit your financial projections.

Landscape Architecture

More than plants, we do planning and design for your open areas. We'll help you maximize the value of the land and make nature the star of the show.

Property Branding

After everything is done, how do you encapsulate everything in a way that your potential clients will understand your vision for the project? This is where we come in through comprehensive branding to help you discover the unique identity of your development.
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