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Plontur schedules a site visit to get to know the space and the people living in it. We take photos of the site and project areas for our reference. For new spaces, we conceptualize together with you, the architect, and interior designer, to ensure a consistent and complementary look.

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We collaborate with our partner professionals to come up with the best concept for the space. Taking cues from the architecture and interior design, we make sure that the landscape will feel like part of the whole.

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We draw over the pictures we took from the visit or the 3D renders from the architect to create a visual of how we plan to scape it. We carefully choose our greens depending on season and local availability. At this stage, Plontur welcomes all suggestions from you.


cost estimates / QUOTATION

Plontur prepares a quotation for you. Depending on the client’s budget, we can still make changes and improvements with the agreed upon concept intact.



We start with the hardscape (such as pools, ponds, gazebos, and water features). We complete them before beginning with the greenscapes.



After consulting with our suppliers, we give a working planting palette and we begin the build. We are flexible when it comes to changes in details. For example, a chosen plant fails to seam into the rest of the area, we will replace it with something that looks better.



The landscape architect, working closely with the gardeners, visits the site at least once a week to oversee construction from beginning to end to attend to details and troubleshoot.



We gloss over the site and ensure all work has been completed, and intended feel of the space is achieved.



Plontur professionally documents the completed project.



The project is officially complete. We turn the site over to you along with a Turnover Kit. We service free maintenance for a month (2-4 sessions) including fertilizing and using pesticides to encourage the growth of greens. All plants are warrantied. If anything dies, we’ll replace the plants. You may also subscribe to our monthly-based maintenance service.