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Plontur is a company
with a passion for

livable green spaces.

Plontur is a design company focused on innovation and the integration of nature with the built environment. With a thoughtful approach to creating livable green spaces, we hope to make both a social and environmental impact wherein we enhance the quality of life of each person.

"There is no better designer than nature. "

Our Studios

Plontur: Studio X

Studio X is focused on the bigger picture. Projects that have an impact to a larger group of people are made in this studio, empowered by contemporary design techniques. Studio X strives to be a pioneer of collaboration, creating spaces that bring people together and increase the value of life.

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Our Studios
Re-imagining the outdoor lifestyle,
Pioneering collaborative

Here at Plontur, we do landscape architecture differently. We have created two design studios inside Plontur, because we believe that every market is different and the needs should be addressed differently. Each with its own set of workflows, processes and design philosophy but with the same Plontur DNA. 

Our Studios

Gardens + by Plontur

Gardens+ is the Residential Landscape Architecture arm of Plontur. This design studio’s focus is to re-imagine the outdoor living experience of our clients through a thoughtful and holistic approach to the creation of private residential gardens.

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