Live better. Create homes surrounded by nature.

for residential architects and owners
our design approach

Align the outdoors with the architecture.

Our style goes beyond our own taste. We work with your architect to make sure the design language of the house spills over to the landscape.

What we consider
  • Your lifestyle
  • Architecture language
  • Design of your interiors
  • Surrounding environment

Our goal is to align all this with the landscape in a way that nature and the architecture of your residence are one and the same.

this is gardens+

Live around nature. Live better.


e put design first. Everything that we do for your garden, revolves around design and we want to make sure that we execute and keep the design intent. We have systematized and professionalized the art of garden making in the country. We are run by professional landscape architects and horticulturists. We put a lot of thought and study in what we're doing.

Design x Build

The core of gardens+ is a holistic approach to projects. For projects around Metro Manila we conceptualize, create and care for the projects we that have passed through us.

Consultancy + Collaboration

For architects, we help you translate your design outdoors. We dont only do planting, we help with planning, hardscapes and other architectural elements outdoors. For collaborations and long term partnerships, send us a message.

Online Landscape Design

If we can't do your build for you, we'll gladly design of your landscape - wherever in the world you are.