our mission

Create spaces where people and nature grow

We want to create growth, inspire change and improve people's lives through landscape architecture. We're not just planning with nature, we're planning with people in mind. We want them to grow because of the spaces we designed.

our vision

Life, designed around nature.

What we want to achieve is a positive change for everyone where we are a little bit more conscious and mindful of a good lifestyle. We want behaviors, thoughts, and actions influenced by nature through our designs. We want the users of our design to feel good, feel free and content with what they have. We want them to know that they can live better lives, now.

our Approach



Design without limits.

Design is our core expression and we don't design just because we have to. Expect us to push and challenge your notion of how nature can work for you.

Nature is the solution.

We believe that nature has already given us everything. Sustainability is rooted in nature. When we give importance to it, it will give back to us.

We work better, together.

We encourage the flow of ideas in our team. Position, age or generation does not matter. As long as you are part of the team, your idea matters. Collectively we are a genius.

For the common good.

We are driven by a passion to do what's good. We want to reflect that in the way we do things and in the projects that we are involved in.

We want to leave a mark.

We only have one shot at life. We dare to leave a good and lasting impact.
Our team


Design Director
Erick Yambao
Blog Author
Operations Head
Steff Legaspi
Blog Author
Lead Designer
John Aguilar
Blog Author
Field Operations
Jesse Arellano
Blog Author
Biz Dev
Diego Gonzalez
Blog Author
Lead Designer
Philip Samoza
Blog Author
Technical Architect
Rechelle Sarcino
Blog Author
3D and Visualization
Brent Balasbas
Blog Author
Visual Communications
Sid Desuasido
Blog Author
Admin Officer
Bea Gonzalez
Blog Author